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This was my first experience doing colon cleansing and I am very satisfied with the experience at Bayarea Colonics! I have an option to go to another clinic that's closer to me but I'll go to this one instead because I loved it there. Lana is very professional and everything is top-notch.

Katya K. Sunnyvale, CA

Lana dose great work and is a very nice person. I visit once a month. I would not want to go any where else for this type of service and I would recomend her to anyone.

Timothy B. San Jose, CA

This experience was Life changing. I suffered from severe constipation and constant ailments with something or the other all my life. A few years back I came to know that apart from several other things I also got sensitive to Wheat and gluten products. It got to a point where I could not even digest Orange Juice. Colonics was the only thing which helped me get over this severe sickness, it took me 6-8 sessions but it was well worth it.

Lana's positive energy and love expedites recovery. She is such a patient, sweet and understanding person that I now look forward to my appointments with her. It took me a while to discover that all our problems start from the colon. So please be aware of this fact and try it out.

Lana also is frank and clear. If she thinks you dont need it she will tell you not to come. You will NOT FIND such a genuine person ever again.

Sameera G. Menlo Park, CA

I was very nervous to try this new experience. A close friend of mine recommended that this would be a great thing to do. I was very very nervous, but Lana made me feel SO comfortable. She is very gentle, kind, and so very sweet. I feel so light, clean and healthy. I recommend this to everyone. You wouldn't believe how great it makes you feel. So if you have doubts about doing something like this. Don't!!!!! It's worth it. I'm a true believer. Lana is very professional, and has some magic to her that makes you feel that this procedure is like an everyday thing. You got to try it.

Janette B. Sarasota, FL

My experience with Bay Area Colonics was very satisfying and positive. This place has a clean environment and Lana made me feel comfortable during the procedure . It was available anytime and I could make an appointment when I need it. I recommend this place.

Svetlana K. Arroyo Grande, CA

I am blessed to have found Lana for colonics. Not only is she skilled and her session room is immaculate, but she is most kind and enjoyable to spend an hour with! Having worked with other colon therapists, my intestines are quite happy to see Lana. :)

She has made a very beneficial health practice into an as-enjoyable-as-possible experience. She is also very prompt with appointments, and has seen me on short notice (e.g., food poisoning) and has gone out of her way to help both my husband and I. My gratitude to Lana and her good work!

And just a note -- I was initially skeptical, but I have experienced great benefits from regular colonics (done right, that is). My skin is better-than-ever, digestion improved, sinuses clear, and I feel more energy after every session.

Ananda S. Atherton, CA

Bay Area Colonics is great! The experience was absolutely amazing and I felt much better after it. Lana was extremely professional, gentle and understanding. I would definitely recommend anyone considering having a colonic at the Body Awareness Center. I am a regular client now!

Dimitri F. San Bruno, CA

I worked with Lana for number of years. I know Lana very well. She is very professional. Her customers seemed very satify with Lana's services. I had seen a lot of repeated customers.

My clients were very happy with her service. Lana provided specific instructions to my clients after every visit.

I recommend you to call Lana and make an appoitment to visit her. You won't be disappointed.

Daniel V. Milpitas, CA